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I was recruited by Carolyn Jourdan, Executive Producer/Director, The Nuclear Waste Documentary Project, to assist in the making of “Half Lives”

Carolyn’s mission was to give the vilified architects of the modern nuclear age a voice that would illuminate their motivation(s) in developing nuclear weapons.

I joined this project as a assistant producer/director and traveled cross country multiple times for filming and sourcing original materials from classified archives in Hanford WA, Los Alamos NM, White Sands NM, Oak Ridge TN, Washington DC and the Nevada Test Site.

Additionally I helped supervise the editing and sound recording in Washington DC and of the narration recorded in Los Angeles.

I’m particularly proud to have contributed to the understanding of such a seismic event in world history.


Some of the wonderful storytellers and artisans who joined

us in the making of “Half Lives” along with international accolades:

The following are portraits of the subjects from “Half Lives” They are some of the most important physicists and scientists of the 20th century. These people ended a war, developed nuclear power and are some of the greatest minds that have ever lived.

IMG0025 bw.jpg

My recommendation from the Executive producer is below:

NWDP recomendation letter.jpg
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